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AEV JK Dualsport ST Suspension (more)


Recommended Tire Size: 3.5" suspension lift can work with up to 35" tires

AEV developed three levels of Dualsport Suspension Systems. The Dualsport ST is currently available in a 3.5 lift height. The ST is AEV’s base-level Dualsport system.

Kit Contents:

• Frequency-tuned, progressive rate springs
• AEV-tuned Bilstein 5100 shocks
• Bump-stop spacers
• Rear stabilizer end links
• Rear track-bar tower • Custom bent OE rear track bar
• Brake line drop brackets • Geometry Correction Front Control Arm Brackets

2012 Exhaust Clearance: Installation on a 2012 JK requires a minor exhaust system modification to clear the driveshaft, which can be done at your local exhaust shop
2007-2011 Driveshaft: For installation on a 2007-2011 automatic trans JK we recommend a narrower drive shaft
Diesel Compatibility: To install on a 2011+ Diesel JK with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), you will also need AEV's custom DPF tube.

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