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EZ Down Tailgate Opener


“Hands-Free” Truck Tailgate Lowering Device. The SMOOTHEST way to open and lower your tailgate.

A sudden and uncontrolled drop of a truck tailgate not only causes potential damage to your vehicle, it also creates a serious safety hazard for yourself and others.

Free yourself from the frustration of juggling overflowing loads and properly bracing a dropping tailgate with the EZ Down tailgate damper.

The EZDown kit equips pickup truck tailgates with soft-release, hands-free lowering, and using it couldn’t be easier! Simply pull your tailgate release and the EZDown damper does the rest, making your loading job quick and easy. And when closing the tailgate, EZDown helps ease the effort by counterbalancing the lifting load.

Easy-to-follow instructions and basic tools add up to a quick 5-minute installation, and it’s even simpler to remove for tailgate storage or transfer to a new truck at trade-in time!

EZ Down Beauty Shot
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2002-2006 Dodge Ram Full Size Trucks



2004-2006 Ford F150



Chevy & GMC 1999-2006 Classic Body