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Garage Sale


Welcome to the Desert Rat Garage Sale!

This is where we post our overstocks, last of a kind, orphans, stuff we bought too much of, found in the corner of the warehouse and whatever other excuse we need to sell it cheap.

Just like any garage sale, there won't be many of any item and they won't last long! And, unless we send the wrong part, you can't return it. Also! Garage Sale items are sometimes scattered around in our stores and warehouses. They do not ship immediately, expect 3-4 days additional shipping time.

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Custom Wheel Closeouts !!


Off Road Tire Closeout !!

Performance Products Closeouts!


Jeep CJ & Wrangler Accessory Closeouts

Lighting & Electrical Closeouts!


Lund Windshield Visors & Cab Extensions

Tonneau Cover Closeouts


Full Size Truck & SUV Accessories

Fender Flare Closeouts !


Billet Aluminum Grills & Accessories

Sure-Step Nerf Bar Blowout! From $99


Grill Guard & Brush Guard Closeouts!

Bumper Closeouts!


Suspension System & Shock Closeouts!

AMP Research Truck Bed X-Tender


Check out these products within Garage Sale

Braided Recovery/Tow Ropes


Differential Covers, Polished Aluminum

Featured Product
Edge CS & CTS Accessories

Edge CS & CTS Accessories
For those diesel customers not interested in future expandability and optional future accessories Edge offers the 98601, a simple, inexpensive non-expandable EGT sensor that allows users to monitor critical exhaust gas temperatures to ensure added power is not creating excessive heat which in turn can cause engine damage.

The Edge accessory system (EAS) was created with future expandability in mind. The architecture of the EAS allows users to connect multiple accessories daisy-chain style to the Evolution CS or CTS. This means Edge can create optional accessories that can be added to the products by the owner at any time.

Edge back-up camera: The Evolution CTS has a built-in video port that allows users to connect the state-of-the-art Edge back-up camera to the CTS. This high-resolution, 4.3 inch color screen of the CTS will allow users to see what’s going on behind them with the Edge camera connected. The camera mode on the Evolution CTS automatically engages when the vehicle goes into reverse.

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