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Winch Accessory/Safety Kits


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Bull Dog 8,000 Lb. Accessory Kit


Bull Dog 9,500 Lb. Extreme Accessory Kit

Bull Dog 8,000 Lb. Extreme Accessory Kit


Bull Dog 12,000 Lb. Extreme Accessory Kit

Bull Dog Extreme Accessory Bag Only


Warn Winching Accessory Kit

ARB Winch Recovery Kit Bags

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TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitor System - Sensors

TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitor System - Sensors
Many vehicles built since 2004 and all since 2007 have TPMS systems installed as factory equipment. If you have a tire air pressure warning light on your dash, you have TPMS.

These sensors are installed in your wheel in the valve stem system. When you buy new tires & wheels for a vehicle with TPMS you have 3 options.

1. Don't install the TPMS sensors in your new wheels and just ignore
the warning light.

2. Buy new TPMS sensors with your tire & wheel package. We install
them in your new tire/wheel set. You go through the re-
programming instructions in your owners manual and you are set
to go.

3. Swap your existing TPMS sensors from your old tires into your new
ones when they arrive. It's not a huge job, but you probably will
need to visit a local tire dealer to break down the upper bead of
both sets of tires so you can remove and replace the sensors.

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