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Bilstein Monotube Gas Shocks

Bilstein Monotube Gas Shocks
In contrast to most conventional shocks, Bilstein's shock bodies are precision formed through a unique seamless extrusion process. This provides superior strength along with high finish tolerances. The finished body is then mated with a solid, induction hardened steel chrome plated and polished shaft, machined valving components and highest quality seals.

Combined with extreme attention to detail, Bilstein provides you with the closest thing to a hand built shock available today.

Conventional shocks slowly lose efficiency and eventually fail over a period of time causing excessive tire and suspension wear. Bilstein Shocks continue to deliver optimum performance for life.

Of all your suspension components, nothing works harder than your shock absorbers.Because of the variables involved, we will contact you for specific vehicle details before we ship your shocks.

Note: If your vehicle uses spring seat or strut style front shock

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