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Night Stalker Mini-Mite LED

Night Stalker Mini-Mite LED
Our new "Mini-Mite" compact LED lights pack a major punch 2.5" square housing. The single 10 Watt CREE LED power behind this tiny package.

Just 2.5" square they can fit nearly anywhere and run on almost any application. The lights draw only 1 Amp of current 12 Volt applications.

At 800-900 Lumens of light output they provide fantastic light for your ATV/Utility Vehicle, Campsite or Automotive application.

The housing is constructed from durable die-cast aluminum and is waterproof. A nearly indestructible Lexan lens in Spot or Flood configuration protects the genuine CREE Brand LED's.

A simple 1 stud mounting bracket is included. They can run off any switch setup due to the low amperage draw. We recommend the Desert Rattler "DRWIRE" harness for the simplest installation.

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